About the Book

Heist School Freshmen is a young adult crime novel that appeals teens and adults who enjoy a good heist story in the vein of Ocean’s Eleven or the television show Leverage.

hsf-cover-amazonAngelo Bastillo has just started high school, and already his life is over: dumped by the girl he’s been crushing on for years, hating every class, terrorized by twin bullies, and forced to consult a suicide line in lieu of therapy by his overprotective (and cheap) father. Then he and his friends Drew Wales and Lionel “Porno Name” Tang stumble upon a secret cache of dirty money that could make them rich, if they could only get at it.

With a crew of specialists from school (cracker, hacker, grifter and muscle) plus the suspect assistance of a mysterious senior known only as The Saint, Angelo plans an incredible heist to pull off the big score. But can he finish the job and still manage to finish freshman year?